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Advance Dumplings (online class)

Advance Dumplings (online class)

Join us for our advanced cooking class on Dumplings, to learn the traditional art of dumpling making, from scratch. From making the perfect dough for the skin, cooking different stuffings and finally folding them & steaming them to perfection, to making different dipping sauces, we will teach you everything.

After you sign up for our virtual online class, you will receive an ingredient and prep list on your registered email ID.

  • DateOctober, 27
  • Time15:30 - 18:00
  • Fee Rs. 1150 + 18% GST
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  1. Learn to make crystal dumpling from scratch & learn the art of colouring the dumpling skin
  2. Edamame & Truffle Crystal Dumpling
  3. Sichuan chicken crystal dumpling
  4. Mushroom Cheung Feng Dumpling
  5. Prawn & Spinach Rolls
  6. Peking style poached dumplings
  7. Homemade Chili oil
  8. Dumpling poaching sauce
  9. Two types of dumpling sauces


Advance Dumplings (online class)


Rs. 1357