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Chinese Dim Sums by Manpreet Dhody & Saurabh Gaikwad (Online)

Chinese Dim Sums by Manpreet Dhody & Saurabh Gaikwad (Online)

Join us for our Chinese dimsum class to learn the traditional art of dim sum making, from scratch. From making the perfect dough for the skin, to cooking different stuffings and finally folding them & steaming them to perfection, we will teach you everything.

This class will be an interactive demo and the guests can watch while our chefs demonstrate the recipes. Post the class, a video recording along with the recipes will be shared with the guests.

  • DateMay, 26
  • Time16:30 - 19:30
  • Fee Rs. 1475 + 18% GST
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Dumpling dough :
1. Learn to make dimsum dough using refined flour
2. Learn to make crystal dumpling dough
3. Learn to color the dumpling dough

Using the above handmade doughs, you will learn to make the following Dumplings :

1. Poached peking dumplings with napa cabbage or prawn filling

2. Pok choy wrapped miso vegetable or miso chicken dumpling

3. Panfried hoisin chili asparagus or prawn dumpling

4. Mushroom Cheung Fun dumpling

5. Truffle edamame hargau or prawn hargau dumpling

6. Corn cheese sui mai or chicken sui mai dumpling

7. Burnt garlic vegetable & cheese potstickers

Dumpling Sauces:
1. Chili oil
2. Ginger scallion sauce
3. Soy dippin sauce
4. Lime coriander sauce
5. Spicy chili sauce


Chinese Dim Sums by Manpreet Dhody & Saurabh Gaikwad (Online)


Rs. 1740.5