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Cocktail & Taco Brunch with Poco Loco (in studio class)

Cocktail & Taco Brunch with Poco Loco (in studio class)

A taco and cocktail brunch? Sign us up Scotty! Join us this Saturday at our studio for an exclusive brunch with Poco Loco Tapas and Bar and learn how to make a taco you’re going to wanna taco ’bout all while stirring up a cocktail (or three).

Our team is taking the utmost precautions to ensure a safe cooking experience for you and your loved ones. Our workstations are just far apart from each other to maintain social distancing & all ingredients are vacuum-sealed.

Register for 2 at the Price of 1: INR 4750 + 18% taxes
Register for one person and bring a friend along for free
  • DateMarch, 06
  • Time12:00 - 14:00
  • Fee Rs. 4750 + 18% GST
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• Roastead tree beans avocado taco
• Peri-peri cottage cheese taco
• Citrus vegitarian tacos
• Vigan taco with mango chilli sauce
• Citrus chicken taco
• Chimichuri shrimp taco
• Smokead pull pork taco
• Roastead pull lamb   habanero taco
• Citrus sauce
• Mango chilli sauce
• Chimichuri sauce
• Tomatotillo (verde)
• Peri-peri sauce
• Habanero sauce
Ginger mint Paloma
The marble queen
Cucumber lime margarita
Rosemary margarita
La Rosita
El Agresor
Avacado margarita


Cocktail & Taco Brunch with Poco Loco (in studio class)


Rs. 5605