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Creative Cooking with Avocados by Manpreet Dhody

Creative Cooking with Avocados by Manpreet Dhody

Avocados have become incredibly popular in recent years and you are more likely than ever to find avocado toast or a grain bowl topped with the green fruit at a local cafe. But it can be tricky to pick the perfect avocado from the store and after bringing it home most of the times you find it too hard to eat, or brown and mushy inside? In this master class with Chef Manpreet Dhody you will learn some easy ways to pick a perfectly ripe avocado along with the process of storing them. Each student will learn to cut and process the avocados and finally Chef will demonstrate 10 easy and healthy recipes that can be included in your daily diet

What will you learn?
1. Health Benefits of Avocado and avocado oil
2. How to pick the right avocado
3. How to cut and store avocado
4. How to use avocado as a healthy meal replacer

  • DateSeptember, 01
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 2500 + 18% GST
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1. Avocado carpaccio with Asian dressing
2. Avocado cucumber & marinated tomato tartare Or ( Avocado & salmon tartare)
3. Avocado & watermelon ceviche Or ( Avocado & shrimp ceviche )
4. Vietnamese avocado milkshake
5. Vegan avocado chocolate sauce
6. Healthy Avocado oil dressings and marinades
7. Grilled avocado boats with mushroom & burrata
8. Avocado and chocolate truffles
9. Herbed avocado butter
10. Crushed avocado tartine with marinated tomatoes


Creative Cooking with Avocados by Manpreet Dhody


Rs. 2950