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Advance Gyzoa and Dumpling making

Advance Gyzoa and Dumpling making
Join us for our advanced cooking class on Gyoza & Dumplings, to learn the traditional art of making them from scratch. From making the perfect dough for the skin, cooking different stuffings and finally folding them & steaming them to perfection, to making different dipping sauces, we will teach you everything.
After you sign up for our virtual cook-along, you will receive an ingredient and prep list on your registered email ID.
  • DateFebruary, 27
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 1250 + 18% GST
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 Learn to make crystal dumpling from scratch
• Learn to make refined flour dumpling from scratch
• Edamame & Truffle Crystal Dumpling
• Sichuan chicken crystal dumpling
• Prawn & Spinach Rolls
• Mandu dumplings (pan -fried dumplings)
• Peking style poached dumplings
• Homemade Chili oil
• Dumpling poaching sauce


Advance Gyzoa and Dumpling making


Rs. 1475