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Healthy Sweet & Savoury Granolas

Healthy Sweet & Savoury Granolas

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  • DateNovember, 07
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 2500 + 18% GST
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Sweet Granola

  1. Nutella Almond Granola
  2. Cranberry Orange Granola 
  3. Toasted Millet, Maple & Pecan Granola
  4. Superfood Protein Packed Granola
  5. Lemon Blueberry Granola 

Savoury Granola 

  1. Mexican Spiced Trail Mix
  2. Italian Truffle & Smoked Cheese Granola 
  3. Thai Basil & Chilli Granola 
  4. Indian Spiced Trail Mix 
  5. Harissa Spiced Granola


An easy savoury granola to serve as a snack or to use as a topping for your salads and your soups. Quick to prepare, it will soon become a favourite in your house. Homemade granola can be a healthy, comforting, and delicious treat. Most of the store bought stuff is high in sugar, contains unhealthy fats and oils, and is packed full of fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

Whipping up homemade granola at home is super easy, quick, and allows you to control the amount of sugar and quality of ingredients, while also changing things up and adding in the flavours that you love.


Healthy Sweet & Savoury Granolas


Rs. 2950