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Hyderabadi Cuisine

Hyderabadi Cuisine

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  • DateFebruary, 01
  • Time12:00 - 15:00
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  1. Bhindi ka Shorva, a thin and soupy curry. A few marrows add immense flavour to the Shorva.
  2. Tik ke Chaval, a Pulao made with both white and black sesame. Nuts and lentils add good body.
  3. Mirchi ka Salaan, a well known Hyderabadi dishes. Because it stays good for many days, it worked well for Hyderabadi travelers.
  4. Dalcha, is a specialty of Hyderabad. It is a lentil and meat curry in which ribs, cubes and bones are softened.
  5. Adrak ki Chutney, is a chooran like lip smacking chutney which is great for taste and digestion.
  6. Khubani ka Meetha, a popular Hyderabadi dessert served in weddings and large parties. Apricot is the star ingredient.


Brining the best of both worlds together, Hyderbadi or Deccani cuisine is an amalgamations, an amalgamation of Mughal, Turkish, and Arabic along with the influence of the native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines. Aptly as the staple food for Nizams, this cuisine is rich in flavours, textures and aroma and unlike common perception, Hyderbadi cuisine has a palette of delicacies other than biryani. Explore the royal techniques of cooking, with south indian spices and serve up dishes that leave people licking their fingers quite literally. 


Hyderabadi Cuisine


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