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International Breads

International Breads

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  • DateJanuary, 14
  • Time11:00 - 15:00
  • Fee Rs. 2900 + 18% GST
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  1. Jewish Coffee & Pecan Babka
  2. Italian Focaccia 
  3. French Baguette 
  4. German Pretzels 
  5. Italian Ciabatta


Always struggling to find authentic- tasting breads from various world cuisines?
Not anymore! Learn how to bake this street-bread from across the globe in your very own kitchen. We will teach you the uses of fresh yeast, the Different types and qualities of flour, and how to master the various stages of bread baking. You will prepare flavoured breads, croissants and other Danish pastries as well as other traditional loaves. All necessary ingredients and equipment are provided, and you take home your day’s work.  This intensive International Breads Course is for ones who want to develop their skills in baking. 


International Breads


Rs. 3422