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Italian Brunch (In-studio)

Italian Brunch (In-studio)

Class details are as follows:

  • DateJanuary, 23
  • Time12:00 - 15:00
  • Fee Rs. 2200 + 18% GST
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• Learn to make your pizza dough from scratch

• Learn to make your pasta dough scratch

•Make your pizza using exotic ingredients and cheese from our pantry.

•Learn to make different stuffed pasta using pre-prepared fillings.

Vegetarian Filling

  • Spinach and Ricotta Filling
  • Truffle Mushroom Filling

Non- Vegetarian Filling

  • Smoked Chicken Filling
  • Prawn aglio e olio filling

Assemble your signature pasta (ravioli) using pre-prepared sauces like classic smoked tomato sauce and parmesan cream sauce.

Guests can enjoy the Pizza & Pasta along with Tiramisu provided by us in our private dining


Italian Brunch (In-studio)


Rs. 2596