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Mexican tacos & burritos (online class)

Mexican tacos & burritos (online class)

Class details are as follows:

  • DateMarch, 31
  • Time12:00 - 15:00
  • Fee Rs. 1350 + 18% GST
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1. Spicy Al pastor style tacos with chicken or mushrooms
2. Seafood Tacos with Tequila fish  crumb fired prawn , squid & Avocado mash
3. Vegan Refried Tempeh Tacos with tomatillo , red radish  & pomegranate salsa
4. Hawaiian Huli Huli Tacos with pineapple mango & avocado salsa
5. Low Carb & Keto Lettuce Wrap Tacos with grilled chicken or cottage cheese , cilantro lime dressing & chili avocado tomato salsa
1.  Skillet Burrito Casserole
2. Mexican Five layered Breakfast Burrito Wrap
3. Avocado Boat Burritos with hot sauce sautéed salsa & black beans
4. Chile Colorado Style Layered Chicken or Cottage Cheese Burritos
5.  Cheesy Baked Chicken or Mushroom Burritos


Mexican tacos & burritos (online class)


Rs. 1593