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Middle Eastern Marinades & Kebabs

Middle Eastern Marinades & Kebabs

The Middle East is famous for everything royal, including its food, and their Kebabs & Marinades are nothing less than a delicacy in itself! So if you want to hone the skill of making some killer kebabs, join us for this class.

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  • DateMarch, 01
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 1250 + 18% GST
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  • Shish taouk marinade

  • Roasted red pepper and orange marinade

  • Classic Shawarma marinade

  • Ras el Hanout marinade

  • Roasted yellow pepper sumac and chili marinade

  • Curried zaatar marinade

  • Dukkah, dill and lemon marinade

  • Pineapple & yellow chili harissa marinade

  • Sumac & pomegranate molasses marinade

  • Green harissa marinade

The chef will demonstrate how to use the above marinades to make different kebabs using vegetables / meat and seafood.


Middle Eastern Marinades & Kebabs


Rs. 1475