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Party Sushi Platters (ONLINE CLASS)

Party Sushi Platters (ONLINE CLASS)
Hosting a party at home this Diwali and want to serve your guest something new? We
have the perfect class for you! Join us for our exclusive festive special party sushi
platter class, where we will teach you everything from making sushi, to assembling
different platters!
After you sign up for our virtual online class, you will receive an ingredient and prep list
on your registered email ID.


  • DateNovember, 11
  • Time12:00 - 15:00
  • Fee Rs. 1200 + 18% GST
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  • Learn to make sushi rice at home & the art of seasoning the rice
  • Learn to process fish & vegetables at home to make your own sushi rolls
  • Learn different applications of Nori sheets to make maki , uramaki & temaki rolls
  • Learn to make pickled ginger , soy dipping sauce , wasabi mayo , spicy mayo & sesame mayo for the platter
  • Learn to colour sushi rice to enhance the look fo your sushi platters
  • Learn to make maki & uramaki roll platter
  • Learn to assemble a nigiri sushi platter
  • Learn to make  A DIY Temaki sushi hand roll platter
  • Learn to assemble a vegetarian party sushi platter
  • Learn to assemble a seafood party sushi platter


Party Sushi Platters (ONLINE CLASS)


Rs. 1416