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Summer Asian soups & Salads by Manpreet Dhody (online class)

Summer Asian soups & Salads  by Manpreet Dhody (online class)

When the weather heats up and your motivation to be anywhere near the kitchen goes down, these refreshing summer asian soups & salads recipes will help you get a healthy dinner or side dish on the table, no sweat.

This class will be an interactive demo and the guests can watch while our chefs demonstrate the recipes. Post the class, a video recording along with the recipes will be shared with the guests.

  • DateApril, 20
  • Time16:30 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 1350 + 18% GST
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1. Fresh & Raw Mango Salad with curried pandan coconut dressing
2. Burmese Crispy Chicken or Tofu Salad with cilantro dressing
3. Korean Lettuce & Pear Salad with gochugaru & sweet chili dressing
4. Mango & Cumber Salad with Asian herb slaw
5. Green curry chicken patty or corn patty with Thai salad
6. Minced lamb or soy granules & noodle salad with burnt ginger soy dressing
7. Japanese Miso Edamame Coleslaw Salad
1. Tomato, Pomelo & Galangal Gazpacho with mango ceviche
2. Cold Soba Noodle Broth
3. Garlicky Spinach & Kafir lime soup with poached chicken or shiitake mushrooms
4. Pad Thai Noodle Soup
5. Korean Tofu or Prawn Kimchi Soup
6. Miso Coconut Soup
7. Vegan Pho


Summer Asian soups & Salads by Manpreet Dhody (online class)


Rs. 1593