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Sushi & Dimsum Brunch (In-studio)

Sushi & Dimsum Brunch (In-studio)
(Register for 2 at : INR 4300+ 18% taxes
Register for one person at 2200+)
  • DateAugust, 07
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 4300 + 18% GST
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  • Learn to cook and season sushi rice
  • Learn to make spice mayo, wasabi mayo, soy dipping sauce
  • Learn to make the following sushi rolls
  • Truffle Edamame Avocado cream cheese roll
  • Asparagus tempura roll with spicy mayo
  • Salmon tatake avocado cream cheese roll
  • Prawn tempura roll with spicy mayo


  • Learn to shape , poach and pan-fry dumplings using ready dumpling sheets
  • Soy Dipping Sauce
  • Homemade Chili oil
  • Creamy corn and truffle dumpling
  • Mixed vegetable and water-chestnut dumpling
  • Prawn and coriander dumpling
  • Burnt garlic, carrot, soy chicken dumpling

Guests can enjoy the dim sums and sushi with an Asian salad and dessert in our private dining area


Sushi & Dimsum Brunch (In-studio)


Rs. 5074