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Vegetarian Party Appetisers

Vegetarian Party Appetisers

Class details are as follows:

  • DateJuly, 02
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • Fee Rs. 950 + 18% GST
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1. Seared Halloumi with Dukkah Honey Glaze
2. Grilled Avocado with Burrata & Pomegranate Salsa
3. Roasted Vegetable Pickle Crudités with Garlic cream
4. Blistered Okra with ponzu dip
5. Smoked Tomato Carpaccio with Asian dressing
6. Zucchini Parmesan Bites
7. Charred Sourdough with Ricotta cream & marinated berries
8. Baked pumpkin & goats cheese canapés
9. Aubergine & Labneh Rollups


Whip up easy-to-make appetisers at home, without the need for exorbitant or exotic ingredients or spending the whole day in the kitchen. These smartly curated  appetizers are easy to pre, serve and heat, so you can host your parties and actually be a part of them, without getting stuck in the kitchen

After you sign up for our virtual cook-along, you will receive an ingredient and prep list on your registered email ID.


Vegetarian Party Appetisers


Rs. 1121