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Wraps & Rolls (ONLINE CLASS)

Wraps & Rolls (ONLINE CLASS)
Serving a meal that’s good for you (and the whole fam!) doesn’t mean that it has to be
completely lacking in flavor. We’ve put a bunch of delicious ingredients into these quick,
easy, nutritious wraps & rolls from scratch. From different wrap bases to vegetarian and
non-vegetarian fillings, you’ll have a light meal on the table that actually tastes good.
After you sign up for our virtual online class, you will receive an ingredient and prep list
on your registered email ID.


  • DateNovember, 10
  • Time16:00 - 18:30
  • Fee Rs. 1200 + 18% GST
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  • Learn to pick the right wrap & bread for different styles of rolls
  • Basic recipes or wrap and roll dough will be shared & the chefs will use prepared wraps to demonstrate during the class
  • Baked Corn Enchilada Wrap
  • Chipotle Mexican Salsa Wrap
  • Indonesian Sambal Wrap
  • Thai Salad Wrap
  • Shawarma Wrap
  • Greek Gyro Kebab Wrap
  • Black-pepper Mushroom Wrap
  • Malai Tikka Wrap
  • Avocado & Hummus Salad Wrap
  • Kheema masala roll
  • Aloo Tikki Roll



Wraps & Rolls (ONLINE CLASS)


Rs. 1416